Different kinds of lock smith service are reachable now. Locksmith called commercial and residential locksmith are among them. Locksmith for residential doors and locks is very widespread. Now we are going to tell you about it a bit.

Residential Locksmith as It Is

These services contain some actions which are directed to locksmith assistance. Changing a lock, extracting a key, replacing some lock element… Emergency situations also belong here. If you have a safe at home and have lost a key, it can also be a residential service for you.

We all also know about existence of such a system as “master key”. It is applicable not only to commercial, but also to residential services in Vaughan (Ontario). That system must be installed and maintained by professionals, this is why you are welcome to ask if you are interested.

Locked out of House? No Worries!

This is a common situation when locking out of house happens. You forget a key and do not have a spare one? And you cannot get into your house or apartment through the window. Sad, but nothing is impossible for us in this case. If you are locked out of house, do not break your door. There are methods which can help you better. You can just call us and ask for help. We have all the necessary to support you. No injury will be done to your door and your lock will remain safe after we work with it.

This is an important issue, by the way. When people are locked outside trying to open the door by themselves then, it can lead to harm. Even if they manage to open the door, it will surely lead to breaking it or breaking the lock. We do not recommend you to do everything yourself, since your door can cost you more than our services. Always call professionals in such cases. We have all the necessary tools for your locks. And you will not have to stay outside for a long time, remember we are ready to support you at any time of the day and night.

Welcome! You will not be disappointed