master key


Master key system is highly efficient system for good access protection control which is based on mechanical protection devices when both locks and keys obtain certain access rights. This system permits opening several locks with only one key and have many keys for one lock.

Locksmith Master Key as Special Option for Special Purposes

This approach not only protects from illegal getting of unwanted persons into our personal object, but is also good for internal organization of approach to different premises of various purposes. Thus, each user has just one key which opens necessary doors. According to customer’s wish, master key systems can be changed or updated.

Master key systematic approach has its own advantages. First of all, safety and flexibility should be taken into account. If your premises have great quantity of doors, you just must choose the best master key for you and use it all time. This method is quite traditional anyway, because only usual mechanical keys are needed in this case. You do not need any additional tools or procedures like coding, recoding etc. There is no limit of hierarchy steps that can be used within that system. And, finally, it can be extended in a case if more keys are required or in a case if your business grows and now more premises appear and more people come. The system can be extended with help of cylinder integration which does not require much time and efforts, but still needs professional approach in Vaughan (Ontario).

A master lock is widely used in corporate sector. People at state organizations, offices, hotels, health care institutions, establishments of educational character use this system and save much time due to that. In a private sector this system can be used for differentiation of family members and those who work for them.

Master Key Systems: Comfortable and Safe

There are several types of this system:
• “One Key” protection system. This is the simplest master key system. For instance, an owner of one key can open doors from a house, garage, gates etc.
• Central lock. This system is useful for multifamily houses, minihotels, resorts. E.g., dwellers can open their apartments or suits and have access to places of general use: entrance, swimming pool or canteen.
• “General Master Key”. This is complex system which gives an opportunity to divide users on big production objects.

Master keys are simple in usage, convenient, safe. Everyone can hold his or her own key without giving it to a special person who is usually responsible for all important keys. The risk of losing a key was minimized. We able to provide you with locksmith master key service at any time. Prices can be inquired at our office. Besides, system maintenance can be ordered at our company. Guarantee is always provided. Maintenance can be done while guarantee still works or when guarantee period expires. So, if you have big enterprise or need this system for your and only your purposes, address us and ask all the details you are interested in.

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