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A locksmith is a professional worker who processes metals with hand or mechanized tools, and also assembles, adjusts, repairs machines and mechanisms. The name of the profession of a locksmith comes from a consonant German word that means “locker”. In practice, such a specialist can be engaged in the assembly and repair of locks, but the full list of his capabilities is much wider. In the general case, it includes all possible methods of processing wood, metal, and other materials by hand (including disassembly, repair, and assembly of various things and mechanisms). The profession belongs to the category of “technician”.

Where to Get Locksmith Services in Woodbridge Ontario

A locksmith is a specialist in manual metalworking who skillfully wields various tools: from a screwdriver to a machine tool. Specialists in this area are involved not only in industrial production, it is impossible to imagine the repair of water pipes or a car without the participation of a locksmith. To find a professional for your needs you should see our work area.
Common Lock Issues
The tongue cannot slam shut. The source of the problem is the small size of the mating hole. You need to increase it or slightly move the plate. Another reason could be a skewed door due to frequent use. The mechanism wears out and needs to be adjusted.
Difficulty opening the door when it is blocked due to a skewed lock or door frame. In this case, the problematic part is regulated.
The key is stuck, difficult to turn, or impossible to insert. This is more common at metal doors. This happens due to debris getting into the lock or shifting some of its parts. To get rid of the problem, it is disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated.
The lock is jammed – a problem with the state of the larva. It is required to repair or replace the lock. In some cases, it is better to install a new lock if the old one is worn out and old.
Other reasons for problems with the lock operation:

  • factory defect in the mechanism;
  • rare washing and lubrication;
  • use of the key for other purposes (open the bottle, packaging);
  • frequent opening of the door with force;
  • worn parts in the lock;
  • a duplicate key of poor quality;
  • incorrect initial installation of the lock;
  • the wooden door can become damp and swell.

Emergency Locksmith

Closing your door lock, sooner or later, you encounter malfunctions in the operation of the mechanism and the worst idea is to postpone the process of repairing the lock until later all the time. Because it leads to the day when you come home from work, insert the key into the keyhole and realize that the lock is jammed and you can’t open the door. The lock, which was not repaired in time, entailed the call of a lock picker, or rather an emergency locksmith

Residential Lock Change

You should know that the professionals at Locksmith Vaughan Service are not only dealing with breakdowns. If unreliable locks are installed in the doors or there is a need to change the lock due to the loss of keys, our locksmiths will cope with this task. If you need to reinforce the door locks with armor plates or insert an additional lock – order a call to the master at home and a professional lock locksmith will do this job.

Commercial Locksmith

The same applies to commercial real estate. When renting a room for an office or a whole building for your company, owners want to protect themselves and their employees, so they change the locks of the main entrance and on the entire floor. Our locksmiths will do the job quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable price.
Automotive Lock Rekey in Woodbridge
Professional locksmiths will help not only with door locks but also with car locks. Our company produces keys for cars of any brand and of any complexity. Craftsmen will make both a simple and a complex car key with a chip.
You can also order:

  • restoration of a broken autokey;
  • making keys with an immobilizer;
  • production of a key for the ignition lock;
  • car keys chipping.

What we offer

Locksmithing requires a combination of sleight of hand with professional knowledge and sober calculation. This is a widespread working profession, since we encounter various designs, machines, and mechanisms every day, and they have also replaced manual labor in modern industries. At the same time, the work of a locksmith, especially at enterprises, can sometimes be associated with some health risk, therefore, it requires strict adherence to safety measures. In general, the labor duties of a locksmith are as follows:

  • Implementation of locksmith processing of spare parts for various mechanisms, tools, and devices.
  • Repair of mechanisms and structures.
  • Assembly of mechanisms, structures, equipment, their adjustment, testing, and commissioning.
  • Assembly and disassembly of components of machines and units, their repair, and testing.
  • The choice of methods for the restoration of parts and devices, participation in their production.
  • Control of works on installation and adjustment of mechanisms, industrial equipment, devices, and tools.
  • Registration of documentation for repair and installation work.
  • Elimination of equipment deficiencies identified during its exploitation.
  • Participation in planning and organizing the work of your department.


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How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

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